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After visiting their friend Ayugi and his family in Nyandiwa, Western Kenya in 2000, Stephen and Angela Rowley discovered that the greatest need in this extremely poor area of Kenya, was clean drinking water. The following year they returned to Nyandiwa to establish a bio-sand water filter project. The workshop approach is self-sustaining and has already sold over 700 filters within this and the neighbouring communities. People are keen to report that their families no longer contract typhoid, dysentery, cholera or other water borne diseases. Three more workshops some distance away have been set up and others are planned.Nyandiwa now has a refurbished primary school and a brand new secondary school thanks mainly to donations from The Kingsway School, Cheadle.

An important addition to this community is a dispensary with resident Health Practitioner and Nurses. Until its opening in 2005, the nearest hospital was a 24 km away. Nyandiwa dispensary is open for consultations all day, has two rooms for overnight stays and delivers an average of 17 babies per month.

The latest venture is a house, located on Ayugi’s compound, providing accommodation for visitors and short-term workers.

Due to generous donations, a whole community is being transformed.



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