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Bio-sand water filters are:

  • Concrete, made using a steel mould, with a plastic pipe running up the side to make a spout.
  • Transported in a variety of ways, mainly by a donkey cart.
  • Installed in homes, doctors’ surgeries and schools by Joseph, the workshop manager.
  • Filled with carefully measured amounts of sand and gravel.
  • Have dirty wather poured through daily, and after three weeks a biological layer of beneficial bacteria forms on the surface. These bacteria feed on the harmful bacteria in the water and the end product pours out of the spout, perfectly clean.

Jesus said, ‘Come to me all you who are thirsty and I will give you living water.’



The local primary school buildings at Nyandiwa were dilapidated and in a parlous state, and Angela’s request to ‘The Kingsway School’ in Cheadle resulted in large donations from the students and staff, enabling new classrooms to be built and resources to be bought. As a mark of thanks, the school was renamed Kolweny Kingsway Primary School.

In 2004, a secondary school, Kingsway High School was opened and now has four classes of students headteacher and staff, some of whom are sponsored by the projects, classrooms, a Science block and a Library. It is building a reputation locally for excellence in educational attainment. There is also a Hope Beyond Form 4 scholarship fund for University and College courses.

Up to 2011, 12 other local schools have been helped with buildings and equipment. The greatest need continues to be for sponsorship for the students, many of whom are orphans and very poor. You could sponsor a student at school, College or University, providing them with the opportunity to influence the development of their country in years to come, or even pay for a teacher at the schools.




A disused dispensary building at Nyandiwa Baptist Church has now been refurbished and stocked with medicines. Edwin, a highly qualified health practitioner, is employed full time and works alongside nurses from the community and a Lab Technician who visits regularly. Two extra wards have been built which allow patients to stay overnight, and electricity is provided via solar panels.

The Dispensary has been recognized by the local Health Authority and registered as a Family Planning clinic and as an HIV/Aids counseling and treatment centre. It is also used as a distribution centre for Mosquito nets and other government schemes. We have seen a huge development of basic health care within the community which includes midwifery services, the provision of glasses, dentistry and health education. Edwin also travels on his motorbike and takes some of these services further afield.

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