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Unique Wedding List

In August Steve and I were privileged to attend the wedding of Becky Winn and Matt Pennington. Although a young couple setting out in life, they had decided to make their wedding count for other people and had a Rowley Projects Gift List instead of a traditional one. The result was 28 goats for poor families, 5 filters for widows. 15 mosquito nets, 6 annual high school student sponsorships, 27 weeks’ salary for a nurse, 20 months’ salary for a teacher, 2 sets of gutters for a primary school, 2 medical technician’s visits, 1 school uniform, £150 towards the dispensary and £970 to the general fund. Almost a quarter of the donations were eligible for Gift Aid, making the total just over £4,000. Wow! How very special is that! A huge thank you to them and all our very best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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