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Changing lives of young people through education.


Hello everyone.

My name is Diana Lolima, a teacher at Kolweny Kingsway High School in Kenya, located in a remote village called Nyandiwa. This is the exact spot where the Rowley Projects operates in Kenya. It is a great experience for the people of Nyandiwa village as we watch our young people live a dream that they never knew will come true. One of the programmes run by the project is “changing lives of young people through education”.

I have stayed in this school since the year 2006 to date and each day I have watched great transformation in the lives of people. Education is the only way to get young people out of poverty. The project identifies young people who have done well in their primary school level and are needy and sponsors them to secondary school. Through this programme a girl named Nelly Achieng joined Kolweny Kingsway in the year 2009. Nelly is an orphan who lost both parents at a tender age and lives with her old grandmother in this village. She did so well in Form 1 and was promoted to Form 2 in 2010. Unfortunately Nelly conceived and it was very difficult for her. She braved it and came daily to school until she had the baby boy whom she named Steve, one of the project directors.

Nelly was only 16 when she had the baby but she kept coming to school and the old grandmother played nanny for her son. In the year 2012 she sat for the secondary exams and she was the best girl. The Rowley Project again through a programme dubbed “Hope beyond Form 4” sponsored her for a degree course in Egerton University, Nakuru. When I visited her I saw a fine young woman who is well-educated and groomed and has a great future ahead. Nelly, upon her graduation next year, will be a high school teacher. Look at this life! What would have become of Nelly if Rowley Projects never was? Thankyou so much Rowley Projects on behalf of Nelly and hundreds of students who are beneficiaries of the project.

Thankyou ALL the donors of this project. Your kind donations have touched and transformed lives in Nyandiwa.


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