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Clean water, healthcare & education for Kenya

Rowley Projects serves a community in western Kenya, working in partnership with the local people to transform their everyday lives by providing Clean Water, Health Care and Education. These schemes will later provide a pattern than can be replicated in neighboring areas.

After visiting their friend Ayugi and his family in Nyandiwa, western Kenya in 2000, Stephen and Angela Rowley discovered that the greatest need in this extremely poor area of Kenya, was clean drinking water. The following year they returned to Nyandiwa to establish a bio-sand water filter project.

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Visit to Kenya – October 2019
Report Oct ’19 Just when you think the roads can’t get any worse, they do, and not just fractionally! The main road is one huge pothole for the last 15 miles to our turnoff which we can’t now take as the middle section is completely impassable. We went a different route...


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