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Dave Pilkington Sky Dives for Rowley Projects

Waiting to Jump – Dave, Matthew, Robert, Nicholas Pilkington, Elizabeth Gladwin.
My lads decided that they wanted to mark my 60th by doing something different
and jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft seemed to press the buttons. They also
decided to ensure that I didn’t chicken out by jumping with me. So on the 9th of
July 2011 we all arrived at Tilstock airfield, just outside Whitchurch, feeling
somewhat nervous only to find that cloud cover during the day had delayed
events. Waiting around, if anything calmed the nerves, seeing the exilerated
faces of those who jumped before us.
Eventually it was out turn.  A 15 minute briefing, the donning of a less than flattering jump suit and we were
off. We clambered into a minute plane, sat on the floor and were attached to our
tandem skydiver who then proceeded to give us a running commentary on the
amazing views that slowly emerged as we climbed somewhat laborously to 10,000ft.
Suddenly we were given a 3 minute warning, crawled to the open door and sat with
legs and feet dangling out over the side of the plane looking down onto the
patchwork quilt of fields below. And then we fell, all senses were bombarded as
I struggled to get in the correct position. Falling 5,000ft in seconds is a
unique experience, the noise of the rush of air, the speed and then the sudden

An elegant decent

jerk as the parachute opens. The second half of the fall was a total contrast. A quiet gentle decent as we slowly manovered the parachute to enable us glide sedately over the Shropshire countryside. And then we were down, all too quickly  all of us wanting to do it again, what an experience!

Thank you to everyone who contribued to the Just Giving site for Rowley Projects. We set ourselves a target of £750, with gift aid supplement
we have managed to double our target.

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