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Christmas 2020 – Gift List

You donate an appropriate amount to Rowley Projects and then tell the recipient that their gift is helping someone in Kenya!

If it’s a large project it can be any contribution towards it.


Sanitary pack for girls
(Year’s supply)
Geometry set £3
Pair of school shoes £15
(Reusable Sanitary protection for High School girls)
Primary School uniform £15
High School uniform £20
Paint for classroom £20
Primary school desk £20
New classroom above library (£15,000) Any
Football/netball/volleyball £10
Text books Any
Classroom floor £100
Filter for a widow £25
Goat for a family £25
Month’s/annual salary for teacher £30/£360
Month’s/annual salary for librarian £30/£360
Year’s sponsorship for school student £120 / £10 per month
Accommodation/books/travel for university student Any
Laptop for university student £200
Year’s scholarship for university student (any donation) £1,000
Donation towards Form 4 trip (£800) Any
Equipment for dispensary Any
Science equipment Any
General Donation Any

Gift cards are available for you to use to give to the recipient of your gift. If you would like one please send us your address and we will post it to you. Each has a photo of people involved in the project concerned and details of the gift on the reverse. They make ideal stocking fillers or gifts for those who have everything or have decided not to gather any more ‘stuff’! We can also arrange gift lists for special occasions, wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc.

For any amount, you can arrange a monthly standing order

Rowley Projects, 36, Adelaide Rd, Bramhall, SK7 1LT

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