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Christmas Gift List 2017

Gift List ’17

October Report 2017

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Far and wide you came together Together? Yes,together to help the most unfortunate Bright indeed is their future Blessed be thy heart Here I study,sit and worry less Less? Yes,because I have been financially assisted Abundant are the blessings that come to thee Blessed be thy heart A promise being a debt Debt? Yes,a debt […]

Our trip to Kenya – October 2016


Christmas Gift List


Rotary Club of Warrington Oktoberfest

This was a new one to us! Rowley Projects is one of the nominated charities for Warrington Rotary this year and a donation will be made from the profits of the beer festival. Angela & Steve enjoyed free sampling before the festivities began in earnest¬†on Thursday 13th . Well, Steve did – Angela was driving […]

Annual donation from The Kingsway School, Cheadle.

Angela and Steve attended the end of year assembly in July and were presented with a cheque for ¬£5,000. The proceeds from the biennial sponsored walk were shared between four charities. The school has a longstanding link with the Kingsway schools in Nyandiwa and this money will be put to good use funding furniture for […]

Girls Making Us Proud

The deputy principal writes: The Kingsway High School girls’ soccer team has made us all proud. Once again the team has done what the boys did in 2010. They emerged champions in the zonal games and are proceeding to the district championship. This result has again put our name in the Kenyan dailies sports column. […]

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