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Camino Companions raise money for Rowley Projects

We made it! ….. By Wednesday of Semana Santa (Holy Week) in 2011 and counting down the kilometres with a quickening pace we headed up the steps of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral on schedule, on time and on a high, having completed 250km along the Portuguese route of the Camino.

All thoughts of tender heels, sore shoulders, stiff backs, sweaty socks dissapated in the sunshine as we were reunited with fellow pilgrims from all routes through Europe after celebrating midday Mass together.
Support back home as well as on the Camino was practically palpable. The warmth of all manner of folk providing food, water, shelter, a word, a wave, a nod and a smile to see us on our way reminded us why our choice of charity was fitting to our 10 day walking challenge.
The people ‘Rowley Projects’ supports have an opportunity to raise healthy, nourished, educated children as a result of faith in humankind and the response to their basic needs.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have walked the Camino and to be able to link to a relatively small charity making a big difference amongst the most vulnerable. By donating to this cause you’ll be united to the spirit of the Camino and giving hope to the future of an otherwise forgotten community.

Thank you.


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