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Bramhall Methodist Pre School Partner Oogo Primary School

In Autumn 2010 Bramhall Methodist Pre School was partnered with Oogo Primary School in rural Kenya. The Pre School have sent out uniform, books and educational equipment to the children in Africa.

Oogo School is in a very poor area, it’s so remote it can only be reached by foot.  It is the first time the children have ever received gifts and they have been thrilled.
Sweatshirts were the first items sent in October 2010 and there were exactly the right number of sweatshirts for every child in the three classes. A greeting card and photo sent from the Bramhall Pre School children added to the excitement.   News spread at lunchtime and some of the parents came down to school to express their thanks. “Somebody is thinking of us,” was the essence of their gratitude.

The first batch of books and educational equipment  was delivered in February half term along with more greetings from the boys and girls of Bramhall. In May 2011 Duplo was sent which the children and their teachers loved! Pencils, stationery and toileteries will be deliverd to the children in October.

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