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£1,000 raised for Rowley Projects by Kili Climb

Walking with the Lord- Our Kili Experience
By Rosemarie Birch.
I would like to share briefly with you, a little of our
experiences whilst climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last September.
We were gently ‘nudged’ into the trip by our daughter’s
plans to visit her friend teaching in Tanzania and climb Kili while she was
there. With a love of walking, but totally unaware of the enormity of the
venture and especially ignorant of Kilimanjaro’s height, (19,340ft/5895m, 2000ft
higher than Everest Base Camp!) I jokingly said we would join her! Sponsorship
on the attempt was her next idea and before we knew it, everything was arranged
and booked and we were committed!
It was with great reluctance and trepidation, that I
set off on the climb, having read some horrendous accounts of other people’s
experiences, but it proved to be one of the most rewarding and memorable things
I have ever done.
Starting walking on the Lemosho route, in the
rainforest, with its dangling ‘curtains’ of lichens and all its lush beauty and
then climbing up through giant heathers into moorland, alpine desert and then
finally reaching the icecap and glaciers at the top, left us marvelling at the
wonders of God’s creation.
I felt a very special closeness to the Lord, especially
when the going got tough and the effects of altitude and exhaustion kicked in!
The ‘Footprints’ text became very real in my thoughts and along with the
encouragement of our very kindly and attentive guide, in the darkness, on the
final stretch to reach the top, never doubted we would get there in the
It has proved a real inspiration for future
‘adventures’ and we have just had an awesome time, in the High Atlas Mountains
of Morocco, climbing Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain! I still
have plans for a return trip to Kili for my 60th birthday (2014!!), time to save up and get in
training to join us?!!
We were amazed to raise over £1000 for Rowley Projects
and our daughter Laura, over £400 for World Vision. Please pray for all those
people we meet on our travels and who assist our efforts, without whom we could
never hope to venture into such remote places.